Hensbacka Herrgård

Munkedal , Suède

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  • Tel: +46 524-200 00
  • Hensbacka 33
  • http://www.petithotel.se/en/hotell/hensbacka-herrgard/
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Presentation :

The kitchen is the heart and source of energy at this lovely manor house. You are treated to tasty meals prepared with seasonal local ingredients. The restaurant’s culinary concept is to serve well prepared and delicious food in a wonderful environment – just like it should be. Take a seat at the table. Feel how your inner soul leans back and relaxes. Look out the window at the surrounding fields. Who knows, maybe you will spy some deer peacefully grazing there? And now it is time for you to enjoy a delightful meal. Small conferences and small hotels go well together. You get personal service in a cozy, homelike environment. You end the day with some pleasant outdoor activity, a wonderful supper and a comfortable bed. Offering Box and Breakfast, the manor is the perfect place for people who want to take their horse with them on holiday.

Experiences :

  • Nature
  • Castle & Mansion
  • Weddings
  • Gayfriendly
  • Senior
  • Gastronomy
  • Gift Card
  • Romance
  • Spas & Relaxation
  • Seminars & Meetings
  • Natural Wonders
  • Young
  • Business
  • Ecological

Facilities :

  • Restaurant
  • Bar - Cafe - Lounge
  • meeting room
  • Spa
  • Library
  • Park & gardens
  • Car park
  • Internet

Services :

  • Event planing
  • Pets allowed
  • Online booking
  • Room Service