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Cleanliness and hygiene have always been a central concern for our members.

The sanitary crisis that we have been through has made it necessary to reinforce the rules of hygiene as well as the introduction of new precautions.

Thanks to these secure protocols, we want to allow you to continue to offer our customers the conviviality of our house and the relaxation necessary for their stay.

To protect its customers and its team, our members commit themselves…

Specific trainings

Our staff is trained and supervised according to the latest regulations and recommendations related to our business sector

A referent is designated in the establishment and is responsible for deploying health security measures, training staff, enforcing them, responding to checks by the authorities and following up on measures imposed by the government, both initial and future.

The entire working day, from arrival to departure, and all the components of their job were detailed in particular (changing rooms, work clothes, hand hygiene and work hygiene, working distances, methodology and process of applying the strictest standards…)

Enhanced cleaning

Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas

All our procedures have been reinforced and multiplied.

The rooms are completely disinfected when each client leaves.

Frequently touched surfaces are disinfected daily throughout our premises with antiseptic wipes, disinfectants or bleach solutions: door handles, work surfaces, desks, bedside tables, stair railings, toilet flush buttons, toilet seats, switches, remote controls and computer keyboards.

Cleaning staff are routinely equipped with masks and gloves. Used gloves are discarded and renewed between each room.

Adapted management

Management of flows and common spaces - Adaptation of our services

We have organized our house to allow our clients to take advantage of all our services while respecting the minimum safety distances and adapting our services to these constraints.

From the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, we will make sure that with your collaboration, we will offer you spaces that will keep you at a distance from the other clients while allowing you to fully enjoy our house.


At your service at all times

We wish beyond all that to remain permanently at your disposal to answer your question, your expectations or your needs. We will always be there for you and also reachable by phone or email.

The important thing is to remain attentive to your needs and to adapt to all situations, as always

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